Balance The Five was founded by Stefanie Ricchio CPA;CGA after having worked nearly 2 decades in various accounting positions. She thrived on problem solving and creating process improvements in both financial and non-financial measures and was always keenly aware of the momentum that technological innovations were making on how we do business.

When presented with the opportunity to step away from the corporate world and into academia she found two things; passion and gap between education and the workplace. The gap, as explained by students both experienced and inexperienced, was the lack of understanding and confidence in applying technical accounting and business knowledge within the workplace. Stefanie spent 4 years in an instructional design role learning how to create and deliver content that was representative of business needs but also applicable in practice. She achieved this primarily through implementing enhanced technological solutions in learning and through an emphasis on case study analysis. She dared to encourage students and mentorees to go “Beyond the Numbers”.

This experience led to the development of the “Five I’s” ™ framework that is prevalent in our publications and in discussions. The framework acts as a guide to users in being able to connect the dots of their knowledge, their role, their career goals and align them with the goals of their organizations with the end result being effort and processes that create personal and organization value.

At Balance The Five we develop processes, we create content and resources, and we engage individuals who need help in looking at the larger picture of business.

What we don’t do is speak to experience we ourselves have not had. We do not learn on the job, on your job. Stefanie has spent time and invested in herself to being able to personally speak to Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Customer Success, Procurement, Information Technology, Learning & Development and the 21st Century Skillset. She has harnessed her experience to develop the BTF framework and resources, to become a professor, to become an author, and a financial literacy advocate.

Stefanie is a storyteller by nature, often students are amazed at the passion with which she speaks about business. She firmly believes that sharing experience is the way forward to create positive, healthy and prosperous environments and makes it the goal of BTF to supports the endeavors of all those with whom we cross paths.