Business Process Consulting

At the center of the success of BTF is experience based on having been a part of small to large sized projects requiring the evaluation, redefinition, implementation and reassessment of processes. We continue to offer this service to individuals and organizations that require a review of areas of exposure and opportunity to achieve financial and non-financial gains that will provide sustainability and allow for scalability.

Learning & Development Consulting

Developing learning materials for post-secondary and corporate environments is the newest pillar of service offered by BTF but already has a proven track record within both climates supporting success in student development and corporate customer success strategies. We will continue to grow this segment of our business as the want and need for continuous education continues to grow.

Financial Literacy

BTF is committed to providing financial literacy to support the needs of many individuals; from personal to corporate. Giving back within the community is important to BTF and Stefanie personally. The road to success has been paved by being supported along the way by many incredible individuals, giving back is our way of paying it forward.

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