Where Does Greatness Come From?

I read a great quote today in Wayne Gretzky‘s book, 99 Stories of the Game. It read “greatness is not captured in statistics. It is captured in stories“. I thought to myself how great is this but also how true. When I think about work and how many times I’ve sat in meetings or myself have seen a financial result that was questionable and immediately the wheels of “who is to blame and what do we next” start turning. We may briefly ask “high level” how a result came to be but we don’t always make the time to have the right conversations. While we want and need to know exactly how a result came to be, we truly don’t always make time to listen to all of the components that yielded the result. Generally, feedback from people.

When I think about being a mother and I think about how often my children want to tell me a story and how quickly sometimes I push them to wrap it up and just give me that end result because I don’t have time. How easy is it to remove the storytelling from their day? So easy.

When I think about just being myself or in speaking to anyone else that I know and how easily we get lost in the days and what we have going on that we are always rushing. We are rushing through conversations, we are rushing to get to the next thing on the list. We rush via text. We don’t make time to speak in person or on the phone.

We are curating this way of being that is rushed, high-level if you will, and eliminating the storytelling from our daily lives.

It is the story that helps to build success and failure, that may mean in terms of personal growth, professional growth and happiness.

It is so important that we remember that we allow those around us to tell their stories and that we ensure that we surround ourselves in an environment in which we are allowed to tell our stories. Within our work, where we spend the bulk of our physical time and mental capacity, we need to be free to speak. In our home life which hold the matters closest to our hearts and well-being, we must have the channels open to give and receive.

I wrote a line in Beyond the Numbers, “It is in the conversations that we don’t have where opportunity lives.” I still believe it to be true and a necessity for our growth to speak freely and openly.

There’s no day better than today to be reminded of how important it is.


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